Village News: The Toyntons

EXTRAORDINARY MEETING - An extraordinary meeting of Toynton St Peter Parish Council was held last week.

Five councillors were present, along with County & District Councillor Jim Swanson, and three members of the public.

In the public speaking session, Mrs Sue Ruddlesdin asked if the council had enquired whether its publi cliability insurance woudl cover the local Diamond Jubilee event, planned for June 3.

Acting chairman Jim Gurney replied, saying that enquires had been made and it did not, as it was not organised by the parish council.

Mrs Ruddlesdin said that if all councillors backed the event then there would be no problem. She said she was upset that only a few councillors had shown an interest and added that she had participated in both the village’s silver and golden jubilees, which had brought the community together.

Coun Mike _O’Driscoll said the parish council would be willing to pay insurance for the event. Coun Gillian Denniff said she would ask if the village hall’s insurance would cover the event, as it was being held there.

Maureen Lees asked if parishioners could put a message to the parish council via the website? She had tried to do this but it went to the distrcit council site, and was messaged back, asking if she wanted an answer from the parish council.

Coun O’Driscoll said that the website would be ‘out of action’ for the time being, due to not having s clerk, or anyone to update the website.

Coun Denniff was elected as notetaker for the meeting.

A new chairperson had to be appoined following the resignation of Graham Parkin. Coun Mike O’Driscoll was unanimously vote into the post.

A letter had been received from Mrs Maria Lear, resigning as councillor.

The public and Coun Swanson were asked to leave the meeting while matters pertaining to the appointment of a new clerk, and a final salary to the former clerk, were discussed.

Letters of appreciation are to be sent to former councillors Graham Parkin and Maria Lear, and to the former clerk, Elizabeth Parkin, for all of their hard work.

It was agreed to postpone the next meeting until March 29, starting with a 15 minute public speaking session, at Toynton Village Hall.

It was agreed to ask Mrs Parkin to pass on any mail to the council, and either the new clerk (if appointed) or Coun O’Driscoll will issue the next agenda.