Village News - The Toyntons

CAROLS - Toynton’s annual Christmas carol concert was held on Christmas Eve, at Toynton Village Hall. The event was well attended.

Miss Jane Parker was the compere, and the carols were accompanied by pianist, Mrs Mary Mackinder. Poems and readings were performed between the carols.

Mrs Ruth Toulson read about the old tradition of ‘Mumping’ on the St Thomas’ Day, December 21. Women would go around the village door-to-door to ask for food and money. It is also called ‘”oing a gooding”. Mrs Toulson spoke about Mumping Day in 1914.

The poem, “My special night with Santa, when his reindeer pooed on me”, was read by Mrs Carol Pleming. This reading caused great laughter and amusement!

Mrs Eileen Rushby read the poem, “My Christmas Survey”.

A sixteenth century Christmas poem was read by Alf Tunnicliffe. He also read a poem entitled, “A fly drinking out of my cup”.

John Lear read about Christmas on the German/Belgium Border in 1944. This illustrated that a ceasefire was ordered to allow soldiers to celebrate Christmas in peace.

Bible readings associated with this year’s Royal Mail stamp issues, were highlighted in a talk by Miss Jane Parker. She said she was pleased to see they had recognised Christmas in its proper context.

‘Christmas’, a poem by Glady’s Waite, of Burgh le Marsh, was read by Mr Peter Mackinder. Mrs Mary Mackinder, offered £10 as a present to anyone in the audience. After a long pause, Mr Michale Bradley bravely said he would accept it. This illustrated how difficult it is to accept a gift. She explained that the gift of Christ is available to everyone, and it’s up to you to accept it. Mr Bradley donated the £10 back to charity.

Jane Parker thanked all the readers, the pianist, everyone who prepared the hall, and those who had made mince pies and served hot drinks.

Mr Malcom Machin thanked Miss Parker for organising the event and being a good compere.

The collection raied £125, there was an additional £10 donation, making £135 on the night. This has been added to the £59 collected at Linkage College carol service at Toynton St Peter’s Church. A total of £194 is to be given to St Andrew’s Childrens’ Hospice, at Grimsby.

Christmas Communion - A service of Holy Communion was held on Christmas morning at All Saints Church.

The congregation sang various Christmas Carols. The Rev Joan Thornett conducted the service, and the organist was Mr Alf Tunnicliffe. Lessons were read by churchwardens, Mrs Carol Carey and Alf Tunnicliffe.