Village News: The Tonytons

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FRIENDSHIP CLUB - Toynton Friendship Club will meet at Toynton All Saints Methodist Church on Tuesday, February 11 from 2pm to 4pm. New members are welcome.

PARISH COUNCIL - Toynton St Peter Parish Council met recently at the village hall.

Only four councillors were present.

Letters of resignation had been received from Michael O’Driscoll and Charles Bee.

Cllr Gordon McCallum was absent, due to illness.

During the public session, Alan Elliot made the council aware of a dangerous manhole over on Eastville Road, just south of the junction with New Lane.

Cllr Jim Gurney was elected as chairman for the remainder of the year.

The Clerk, Mrs Sarah Knowles, said planning approval had been granted for an anaerobic digestion plant at Grange Farm.

LCC Highways have confirmed that resurfacing work will take place on Chapel Lane and Church Lane, during the financial year 2015/16. Work will be carried out to install verge grips along Eastville Road.

Cllr Gurney said if any parishioner suffered surface water flooding, he had several new sandbags (empty) for use.

A reply had been received from ELDC, regarding the old chapel on Easville Road.

A survey had been carried out and fully investigated under the “Dangerous structures” criteria.

It concluded that they cannot serve a “Section 215 notice” for its demolition, as “it does not have a severe detrimental impact on the street scene.”

Cllr Gurney said the Chapel obstructed motorists’ views on a dangerous corner.

Cllr Gillian Denniff pointed out that since the chapel was built, the volume, size and speed of vehicles had increased.

Cllr John Lear wonderd if they would have to wait until someone was killed before action was taken.

Cllr Denniff wondered if a mirror could be installed to provide a clearer view for drivers. District Cllr Jim Swanson said it was LCC Highways policy not to allow mirrors to be erected, as headlights reflected in the mirror could confuse drivers at night.

The clerk will contact the Highways Dept to ask if additional signage might help.

County Councillor Victoria Ayling advised that the council should “keep an eye” on farm vehicles transporting materials to the anaerobic digestion plant.

She said at a similar plant elsewhere , the farm workers were on “piecework” for deliveries to the site and often drove at “breakneck speeds”.

Regarding pothole repairs, Cllr Ayling said temporary repairs were inadequate, and she was urging that more permanent repairs to be carried out.

In this report, Cllr Jim Swanson said ELDC were considering increasing their part of the council tax by two percent and there would be an increase in the police proportion too.

Cllr Swanson suggested the council contact Duncan Hiollingsworth at ELDC, as he works with owners of disused buildings to bring them back into use. This may help the owner of the old chapel to restore the building.

Mr Swanson explained about ELDC’s Green Waste Scheme.

Anyone wishing to sign up to the scheme should contact ELDC and pay £25 for the service.

Councillors voted to increase the parish precept by £60, to cover a shortfall from grants, making the precept for 2014/15 £1,950.

The council’s bank balance was £3,644.03p, before payments were made to the clerk for her salary and expenses.

The next meeting will be held on March 27, 2014.