Village News: Partney

XMAS FAIR - The 63rd Annual Partney Christmas Fair was held recently in the Victory Hall.

Mr John Hudson welcomed the visitors and thanked all the helpers for all their hard work in preparing for the Fair.

He also paid tribute to all the customers who had turned out on such a busy fundraising day.

“All the stalls were manned by attendants in seasonal apparel, and this helped to create a wonderful atmosphere and there was a great buzz of activity all afternoon,” said a spokesperson.

“Thanks to all the mums for bringing the children along in what is a very busy time of the year.

“Thanks also to Father Christmas, who not only made time to call in during the afternoon, but also stayed on for some time in his Grotto finding gifts for the children and receiving instructions for Christmas Day! His visit was much appreciated by everyone.

“The tills were ringing at top speed and a record sum of £1,375 was raised in under two hours,” they added.

Mr Hudson summed up at the end of the afternoon by saying that the Fair was a triumph for the community spirit which is still alive and well in the countryside.

The proceeds will be divided between the Church, the School and the Victory Hall.