Village News: Burgh le Marsh

GRANT - Grant application forms are now available for the Jane Palmer Foundation.

The grants are available to any Burgh residents up to the age of 24 who are going on to further education or apprenticeship.

The grant can be used to buy books or equipment for their course work.

To apply for a grant application form phone 01754 810931.

Jane Palmer bequeathed lands in Burgh in 1726 for the use of a school to educate Burgh’s young.

Today money from these lands is still used to help young people to further their education.

WI - The speaker at the August meeting of the WI was Helen Banham and her talk was entitled ‘Grass to Glass’.

She and her husband run a dairy farm at Thorpe St Peter called Rich Pastures. They have a herd of 160 pedigree Holstuns called their girls.

They produce 1.3m litres of milk each year; whole, semi and skimmed.

Members were given details of how the milk is produced and treated from cow to door. Helen is an excellent speaker, which made for an entertaining and informative evening. Plus there was the added bonus of strawberries and Rich Pasture Cream.

She said that they are hoping to set up a delivery service in Burgh.

During the business session, members were reminded about the coffee evening at Catchwater Meadows on August 28, the quiz evening on September 28 and the ‘Craft and Produce show’ and the exciting evening of entertainment on Saturday, September 29.

Winners of the Flower of the month were:- 1, R. Payne; 2, M. Pisarska; 3, L. Ladd. Competition:- 1, J. Dinsdale; 2, P. Hayes 3; A. Chatterton.

The next meeting will be on September 5.