VIDEO: Tiger cubs arrive at animal sanctuary between Boston and Skegness

Three Bengal tiger cubs have gone on show at an animal sanctuary between Boston and Skegness.

The triplets, along with their parents, are the latest addition to the increasingly diverse range of wildlife at The Parrot Zoo at Friskney.

Other animals at the site, which is thought to be probably the largest parrot sanctuary in the world, include lemurs and meerkats.

Steve Nichols, the zoo’s chief executive officer, said: “In 2014 the Parrot Zoo decided to take on larger animals and after completing our newly constructed £75,000 Animal Holding Enclosure. We were contacted by many councils and members of the general public who had a vast array of different animals that needed new homes.

“After much deliberations with our vets and staff we decided to take on a wonderful pair of tigers.

“While in our holding facility we were amazed and very excited when the news came through that we now were also the proud owners of triplets too.

Mum and her cubs.

Mum and her cubs.

“This set us off in panic as we then had to redesign the entire insides to make it safe for the babies. Reducing the swimming pool levels, lowering the platforms etc. We had to let the family settle in for a while ‘off show’ before letting anyone know, just to make sure the family were medically fit and let mom spend some quality bonding time with her babies.

The cubs, a boy and two girls, are named Baseera, Lajuka and Sajiba.

They officially went on show this weekend, now aged about four-and-a-half months.

Mr Nichols said The Parrot Zoo is probably the only zoo in the UK that has baby Bengal tigers for people to see.

Baseera, one of the tiger cubs.

Baseera, one of the tiger cubs.