VIDEO: SO Festival closes in spectacular fashion

An awe-inspiring aerial dance display provided a spectacular swansong to the SO Festival in Skegness.

Crowds held their breath as they gazed skyward to watch the dramatic display by Scottish based aerial dance group All or Nothing. With performers suspended from the roof of The Embassy Theatre dance and circus artist Danuta Ramos was lifted hundreds of feet into the air by crane.

SO Festival, Skegness. Rollercoaster display on the Dry Lagoon.

SO Festival, Skegness. Rollercoaster display on the Dry Lagoon.

The clear blue sky provided a fitting backdrop as Danuta somersaulted to jaunty tunes in the show inspired by British beach holiday from the 1930s and 40s.

Danuta said the weather perfectly complemented the routine which was specially commissioned for the festival.

She added: “I have done crane work before, but this was the first time in the summer, my previous performances have mostly been at Christmas or Hogmanay. A lot of it is trusting the system and people around you. I always like to go upside down first to test the harness.”

The show provided a fitting finale to the three days of arts extravaganza in Skegness which was inspired this year by traditional entertainment.

Saturday’s entertainment ended is spectacular style with twilight spectacular Rollercoaster with a rousing musical soundscape climaxing in a crescendo of fireworks.

The festival featured street theatre, circus acts, music and dance in series of shows that attracted large and appreciative audiences.