VIDEO: Skegness Carnival takes visitors Around the World in 80 minutes

Visitors to Skegness found themselves on a journey Around the World in 80 Mins.

Skegness Carnival and its adventure film theme parade - adapted as it takes 80 minutes from start to finish - launched a week-long Summer Festival on Sunday, with thousands of people lining the streets to watch the parade.

Skegness Carnival parade prepares to go Around the World in 80 Days. Photo: Barry Robinson.

Skegness Carnival parade prepares to go Around the World in 80 Days. Photo: Barry Robinson.

Led by the Town Crier, Steve O'Dare, who welcomed the crowds, more than a mile of floats, dancers and entertainers brought a rainbow of colour to the day as clouds gathered overhead.

Wiggle and whistle sellers had made the most of the time families had been waiting and the atmosphere was building before the first float was spotted.

Among the crowd were Danielle Ward-Bailey and her children Shauna, 15, and Xavier, nine, from Nottingham.

Danielle said: "We come to Chapel St Leonards this week every year but have never seen Skegness Carnival before. The atmosphere is great and we are looking foward to seeing what's on the rest of the week in Tower Gardens.

Skegness Carnival prepares to get underway. Photo: Barry Robinson.

Skegness Carnival prepares to get underway. Photo: Barry Robinson.

"My husband, Michael, is with us but he's watching the Liverpool game today - it's our wedding anniversary which is why we always come this week."

Riding along with the floats was the Mayor of Skegness Coun Sid Dennis and the new Carnival Royalty Cailey-Ann Calladine, aged 13, and Spencer Oliver Dorn. nine. The Army also took part, as well as holding a recruitment event in Tower Gardens, with virtual reality opportunities for visitors to go skydiving or drive a tank.

The Skegness Standard's Favebook Live video reached more than 102,000 people, including viewers from as far away as Australia. Kevin Jackaman posted: "Gidday from Down Under, Been a great parade thank you.."

And Karen Jack ·commented: " Nice to see quite a few proper floats."

One or two people noticed something missing, however. Janice Thomson, last year's Skegness Carnival Committee secretary, posted on Facebook: "Where were the bands? Can’t have a Carnival without bands! There were three live bands in Chapel,"

Angie Fox, who runs Skegness Junior Marching Band , posted on Facebook: "I can't believe no Marching Bands in Skegness Carnivall. Really?!

"It sounds like people were disappointed with Skegness Carnival this year. No marching bands. Is there any reason why? We are the local Skegness Marching Band. Nobody approached me. No excuse about cost as they don't pay us anyway - not even a donation. We are only a small band but better than no band at all."

Overall the response was positive. Winner of the 2018 Best Float was Lisa Jay Stage Institute. Skegness Carnival later posted: "Thousands of happy people today, out to support an incredible Carnival Parade, well done!

"A massive thank you to the amazing businesses and organisations that took part in the parade, You were all amazing! And we couldn’t have done it without you."

The Summer Carnival week includes live music, cabarets and family shows, Gary Starr Pantomimes will be performing a different show every day and speciality acts and family magicians will be amazing and amusing the crowds. There's also beach competitions, pet shows, baby shows and action activities.

On Wednesday, the annual 999 day features special activities from the army. There will be acts from the main stage, a variety of stalls all week and a Batemans

For more details on what is happening each day, see the Skegness Carnival Facebook page.

* See this week's Skegness Standard for pictures.of the Skegness Carnival parade.