VIDEO: Sir John Franklin’s wreckage found

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A six year search by the Canadian government to reveal the mystery surrounding the fete of explorer Sir John Franklin of Spilsby and the 128 men he headed to the antarctic has revealed some astonishing footage.

After millions of pounds has been thrown at the quest to find evidence of wreckages previous searches had since yielded no results.

Canadian scientists marvel at the footage of the new found Franklin wreckage.

Canadian scientists marvel at the footage of the new found Franklin wreckage.

But on Sunday, September 7, scientists desperate to find what has become a symbol of Canada’s sovereignty over the North West passage unravelled some of the mystery surrounding the mission, with an amazing discovery of a wreckage on the Antarctic seabed using a remote underwater vehicle.

Confirmation of the wreckage came on Sunday and the find is one of the most exiting discoveries on the mission since bodies of three crew were found in the 1980’s.

At the age of 59, Trafalgar veteran Franklin’s earlier expeditions enabled thousands of miles of coastline to be mapped and his exploration provided vital data on the weather, geology and ecology of the region.

Battling temperatures below -50F, Franklin and his men armed with iron clad ships to cut through ice bergs and enough food to last three years in tins, succumbed to the elements in his final expedition.

It is thought the lead sealed tins poisoned the men during their voyage and when the ships became trapped in the ice in the winter of 1846-7 the men had to abandon their vessels to head south following Franklin’s death in June 1847.

Some were forced to turn back, while others searched on, but all the men perished.