Video: Second tidal surge passes Skegness; lower than last night

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The second tidal surge to hit the coast around Skegness has now begun to recede.

High tide was reached shortly after 8am.

Skegness beach after the first tidal surge.

Skegness beach after the first tidal surge.

The waters didn’t come close to reaching the height of last night’s damaging surge, which locally, gutted kiosks on the seafront and flooded out Gibraltar Point.

In the Wash the damage was much more severe. Boston was inundated, with photos showing some of its streets under several feet of water in places.

Standing water remains a serious concern with the police, who are warnign people not to enter it over health fears and the risk of hidden objects lurking in the water.

A police spokesperson said: “Do not drive or walk through flood water and continue to follow guidance from the Emergency Services or Local Authority.

“Residents are advised not to enter, or allow pets or children to enter, flood waters which could be contaminated or contain hidden hazards such as displaced manhole covers, and general debris.

“For the latest up-to-date information visit the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum Website.

They continued: “Some defences were overtopped in Boston during yesterday evening’s tide but this morning’s tide is forecast to be lower. Areas that have been previously affected may also be affected again. People are advised to stay away from the Haven.

“Around 223 people have been evacuated from the area and many more have left of their own accord.

“Lincolnshire Police recommend that residents whose property has been affected by the flooding should not return until after 10am, at which time they should approach uniformed officers to carry out a safety assessment.

“Avoid travelling through Boston until after 10am.”