VIDEO: Jonathan Dimbleby delighthed with how Any Questions? show went in Skegness

Any Questions? panel chairman Jonathan Dimbleby was delighted with how the show had gone at Skegness Academy and praised the audience for their part in making it a successful evening.

He said: “I enjoyed it. It was a good panel, important discussion on David Cameron’s speech on immigration and all the implications of that.

Any Questions? audience at Skegness.

Any Questions? audience at Skegness.

“Other issues ,particularly because we are in Lincolnshire, it was really nice to get something in on farming and immigration. The audience was very welcoming, there was a diversity of views from the audience as on the panel - it was a good evening for me.”

He added: “It’s nice to be in Skegness. I didn’t know until I was looking up before I came here, it’s the fourth most visited resort in the country. It’s nice to be able to come to a really nice school like this academy.”

Mr Dimbleby was particularly pleased that the show was able to reflect issues which affected people in the area.

He said: “What I love is when you can have questions which really affect people living in a particular area but you have to have questions as a national programme that affect other people as well otherwise it’s too isolated as it were.

“So when we were doing green energy, for instance, it’s a big issue here because of the fracking options north of Lincoln, big issue because of wind, and a sense that therefore you are dealing with things that matter to people here, real, real, real issues as well as things which matter much more generally in other parts of the 

The show’s producer Lisa Jenkinson said the team had worked with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, which had been broadcasting about the show all day, before also airing it live. She said she felt this had helped the show focus on local issues.

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