Video: Full report of how ‘Skegness’ Biggest Fry Up’ was bested

A man from Birmingham made a 250-mile round trip to tackle what is thought to be ‘Skegness’ Biggest Fry Up’.

Twenty-seven-year-old Steven Bradburn heard about the challenge at Windy’s Cafe in Drummond Road when it was posted on a specialist food challenge website.

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

The challenge first took place earlier this year, but has since devoured the 24 previous competitors who dared to take on the calorific challenge - thought to be in excess of 6,000 calories.

The plate before Steven was laden with 12 bacon rashers, 12 sausages, six eggs, five black puddings, four slices of bread and butter, four pieces of toast, four slices of fried bread, four hash browns, a four egg and cheese mixed omelette, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, a bowl of beans and a bowl of tomatoes.

And if that belly-busting amount of food was not a big enough challenge in itself, the breakfast had to be finished within 45 minutes.

Steve’s friend Emily, who accompanied him on the trip sat and ate a far more modest breakfast in support, said: “It’s a crazy challenge, but I think he can do it, at least he won’t have to worry about dinner.”

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

She explained that after the challenge the two planned to ‘walk off’ their 1.30pm afternoon breakfast with a brisk walk around Skegness.

No stranger to taking on food challenges, Steven, from Erdington, had triumphed in four previous challenges in the West Midlands - three based on burgers and one on a hotdog (a metre-length one).

However, the Windy’s challenge was Steven’s first ever ‘breakfast’ challenge.

Before tucking in to the mountain of food before him, Steven shouted out his motto: “The impromptu savour, the valiant devour,” which for Steven basically means, that ‘if you are unprepared you will fail, but if you are prepared you will succeed’.

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

Windy's Cafe's breakfast challenge.

Steven explained that to prepare himself for food challenges, he sought advice from Randy Santel, a world class professional eater and body builder from Missouri in the US.

His preparation involved him slowly increasing his meal portions and liquid intake a week before the challenge, in order to increase stomach capacity.

The day before the challenge, Steven ate 6lbs of grapes, no solid food whatsoever and three litres of water to prepare his stomach for the onslaught of his biggest food challenge to date.

Steven also revealed that he is currently trying to mix food challenges with losing weight and that in the last two months has managed to shed two stone as he tries to eat healthier in between challenges.

Steven is the first challenger to purposefully make a lengthy trip to take on the mega breakfast challenge at the family-run cafe, where owner Paul Windle has been tasking others to come and finish the humongous breakfast for almost 10 months, promising that if they manage to eat it, they eat for free and will receive a cash prize made up of the £2 put into a pot after each failed challenge.

“No one has even come close to finishing yet”, said Paul’s son Ashley.

Steven started ferociously, first attacking the meat on the plate.

At around the 20-minute mark, Steven was having trouble swallowing and said: “I’ve got the room, I’m just finding it difficult getting it down,” but most of the meat was gone, with four hash browns and just potatoes left on the plate, with both bowls of tomatoes and beans gone.

At the 26-minute Mark, Steve’s strategy had left him with 19 minutes to eat only the bread-based items.

Standing up regularly to make more room, and cheeks filling up with food, Steven persevered, beginning to sweat more heavily after each mouthful.

Sinking two cups of tea as the end of the challenge drew near, Steven was faced with five-and-a-half minutes to eat four slices of toast, eventually gulping down his last mouthful with just one-minute and 42 seconds to spare, with 43 minutes, 18 seconds on the clock.

On completion of the challenge Steven said: “Of all the challenges I’ve done, Skegness was the hardest.”

Adding: “I don’t want to move in case I’m sick.”

With empty plates cleared from the table, owner Paul Windle presented Steven with a small trophy, his £15 back from the charge of the breakfast and £46 from the prize fund.

With Steven’s stomach groaning, Paul drove the pair back to the train station to spare them the walk.