VIDEO: Firefighters test out new training facilities in Skegness

Firefighters practised their vital search and rescue skills using impressive new training facilities launched today at Skegness Fire Station.

Crews from across the region performed emergency exercises using the station’s newly improved breathing apparatus training chamber, designed to replicate genuine domestic fires more closely.

Firefighters training in Skegness.

Firefighters training in Skegness.

The facility, one of only two in Lincolnshire, now boasts more realistic household features such as a wooden staircase, which firefighters can practise carrying casualties down as part of more realistic training situations.

Skegness watch commander Matt King said: “These training exercises are absolutely critical to what we do to help firefighters maintain their competencies.

“It’s vital for firefighter safety that they can practise in a realistic environment and this new layout significantly improves search and rescue techniques.”

Teams of four or five entered the dark and smokey building equipped with full breathing apparatus to identify and extinguish sources of fire while locating and rescuing any trapped casualties.

Crews also practised their tall building firefighting techniques using the drill tower’s newly installed dry riser - an inlet, which most large buildings feature so that water can be pumped to multiple levels during an emergency.

Regular training exercises in removing casualties from wrecked vehicles also took place on site, using cars loaned to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue by Skegness scrap metal merchant Sid Dennis.

Commander King explained that Mr Dennis’s ability to provide relatively new vehicles helped firefighters familiarise themselves with the advanced technologies featured on many recent models, which can complicate rescue efforts.

Around 20 whole time personnel from Skegness, Mablethorpe, Binbrook, North Somercotes and Kirton stations took part in the exercise.