Video: Delays halt removal of whale carcass from Skegness beach

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THE rotting remains of a Sperm Whale may not be removed from Skegness until as late as Wednesday after unexpected red tape delayed the work.

It had been expected that the 35-foot, 30 tonne behemoth would be removed today (Monday).

The sperm whale's carcass on Saturday morning before it was covered by sand by contractors.

The sperm whale's carcass on Saturday morning before it was covered by sand by contractors.

But delays in getting the emergency licence required by law before removing the carcass mean that it may not be moved until Tuesday, or possibly even Wednesday at the outside.

East Lindsey District Council explained on Monday afternoon that they had applied for the necessary licence from the Marine Management Organisation but were forced to wait on its approval before being allowed to remove the remains.

Earlier in the day the district’s Neighbourhood Services Manager, Victoria Burgess, said: “This is the fourth whale that has come ashore on our coast in the past five years.

“In this case we understand the whale has been dead for a number of days and was clearly injured.

“Although it’s always sad when this happens we do have robust plans in place to deal with the situation.

“We are currently working with the appropriate agencies to ensure the whale can be removed from the beach and taken away as quickly as possible.”

The whale, understood to be a young male, washed ashore next to Skegness Pier on Saturday morning.

The animal’s remains quickly attracted a sizeable crowd of visitors, with thousands of people stopping by to catch a glimpse of the whale.

Emergency contractors swiftly covered the beast’s remains with tonnes of sand in order to minimise the smell of its remains and deter scavenging birds, while also protecting the health of passers-by.

But that did not deter visitors from continuing to flock to the site, eager to get a sense of the scale of these majestic creatures.