VIDEO: Catering students at Caterex trade show prove Skegness isn’t all chips and burgers

Hundreds of viewers joined Boston College catering students ‘live’ on the Skegness Standard Facebook page to cook up a recipe that proves Skegness isn’t all burgers and chips.

Lecturer Carl Smith was chef for the broadcast from the stage on the second day of Caterex Trade Show.

Boston College lecturer Carl Smith with catering studenta at Caterex Trade Show. ANL-170902-174145001

Boston College lecturer Carl Smith with catering studenta at Caterex Trade Show. ANL-170902-174145001

The Standard posted ingredients for a Warm Smoked Salmon and King Prawn Muffin with Rocket and Horseradish Creme Fraiche on its Facebook page the night before in the hope viewers would make the dish – and then post a picture of themselves with it to show us how well they did.

Carl Smith: “This would be a great dish as a starter to impress your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. It looks good but is really easy to make. What we are also promoting is cooking with fresh ingredients sourced locally - fast food like burgers has its place but we hope people will see simple dishes can really impress.

“We are delighted to be at Caterex this year with the young chefs on our course at Boston College.”

June Howard, of organisers SECWHA, said: “We have been proud to welcome Boston College to Caterex this year and to showcase the chefs of the future. We hope people have been inspired by them.”


400gm Smoked Salmon, 4 King Prawns, 2 Muffins, 60gm Butter, 40g Capers, 1 cup rocket, 1 cup spinach, basil, oil and lemon juice, 20gm Creamed horseradish, 60gm Creme fraiche, 2 tsp Chopped Chives, Puff Pastry cut into thin strips and sprinkled with poppy seeds


1 Cut muffins into squares and toast (you can butter at service and spread with thin smear of chopped capers).

2 Place puff pastry in oven for 10 mins while preparing rest of dish

3 Blend spinach, basil, oil and lemon juice

4 Place rocket on the muffin and top with the salmon. Rest prawns up side of muffin.

5 Add horseradish to the creme fraiche. To achieve a balanced flavour sprinkle with chives. Add spoonful at side on muffin and spread outwards by side of muffin with back of spoon.

6 Add small amounts of blended spinach mixture around dish.

4 Finish off with puff pastry strip.

* If you cook the dish don’t forget to post a picture of yourself with it on our Facebook page.