VIDEO: Car window smashed to save dogs

A pair of German shepherd dogs were left for several hours in a car at Skegness Stadium with no water and virtually no fresh air.

Self-employed dog handler Richie O’Brien had to smash the window to save the animals from heat exhaustion and possible death.

The dogs trapped without water in the car.

The dogs trapped without water in the car.

Richie, who was working for Prok9, recorded video footage to warn dog owners not to put the lives of their pets at risk by leaving them unattended in vehicles.

He said: “I found two German shepherds left in a vehicle. Both rear windows were down less than 1cm and condensation had started to build up. After an hour of call outs of details of vehicle I called the police asking them to send an officer to smash the window so we could get water to both dogs.

“I then called back requesting to break the window myself as incident had even been moved up to an emergency rated call. After about 15 minutes the police called back and granted me permission to break the window.

He added: “After I broke the window we found ourselves with another problem both dogs were on one foot of chain which meant the dog closest could get a drink, but without breaking the other rear window the dog furthest away could not drink.”

“I would like all dog owners to think about pets left in cars as this incident could have turned out with two dead dogs, but thanks to everyone pulling together they survived.”

Richie, who reported the incident to the RSPCA, said it took almost six hours for the owners to return to the car. The dog owner received a warning from the RSPCA, but no legal action was taken as the animals were not harmed.

The charity has launched a Dogs Die in Hot Cars campaign to prevent animals suffering.

A statement from the RSPCA said: “In just a few minutes, even on a cloudy day with the windows open, the temperature can soar dangerously high. Just put yourself in your dog’s position and ask yourself how you’d feel about being trapped in a hot car, how frightening it would be.”