Victim of alleged hate crime attack in Skegness says ‘thank you’ for support

Some of the injuries received in an alleged attack on a 21-year-old  man in Skegness. ANL-170831-150931001
Some of the injuries received in an alleged attack on a 21-year-old man in Skegness. ANL-170831-150931001

A 21-year-old man who received horrific injuries in an alleged hate crime attack has said ‘thank you’ to everyone who is helping him regain his confidence.

The alleged attack on Oliver Flack, who is gay, took place at McDonald’s in Grand Parade on Bank Holiday Monday and in full view of families who were sat with young children.

Oliver said he was enjoying a cold drink outside with friends when he was ‘struck about 16 times by a metal bar’.

His mum, who has asked to remain anonymous but lives locally, said his family were devastated after trying to help him regain his confidence because he only ‘came out’ three months ago.

She said: “My husband and I had gone to buy ice-creams when I got a call saying, ‘can you come back I’ve been attacked?’

We rushed back and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The man had struck my son 15 or 16 times with what we thought was a walking stick but CCTV has shown it to be a metal bar.

“He also took a boiling hot cup and threw it over him shouting ‘this should clean away the aids’.

“As well as the marks on my son’s back from the bar and burns, he has been mentally scarred by the incident.

“How can this happen in this day and age? I am a Christian and we accept everyone into the church.

“We were so proud of my son when he finally came out.

“He was just beginning to feel good about life - like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders - and now this has happened. It has set him right back.

“He’s been afraid to go out. The whole family is in shock.”

Following the article on the Skegness Standard website, Oliver said he wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported him.

He said: “It has meant a lot to me and is helping me a lot to rebuild my bridge of confidence.

“However, that does change the physically challenges I’m having with my injuries.”

Lincolnshire Police say a 56 year-old-man was arrested on suspicion of two counts of assault.

He has now been released under investigation.

Anyone with information that could help the police should call 101 quoting incident 367 dated 28/08/2017