Vandals could force the closure of a Skegness children’s park

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Repeated attacks by vandals to a children’s play area could force it to close, Skegness Town Council warn.

The Sunshine Play Area, off Grand Parade in Skegness, has been damaged on a number of occasions costing thousands to repair in the past two years and this time more equipment has been damaged.

“It saddens and disappoints me that this great facility provided for young children is being ruined by vandals and those misusing the facility. In the past two years we have had damage to the shelter roofs, with repair costs running into thousands of pounds and now we are seeing damage to the actual playground equipment,” said Steve Larner, Skegness Town Clerk.

The town council urged that it would do its utmost to keep the playground open but if problems persist, it would have to close so full repairs could be carried out.

“The equipment inside the playground is aimed at those aged under fourteen, older children and youths should not be using the equipment and unless they are with a younger child, really have no business in the playground,” added Mr Larner.

However, the problem is not just caused by younger people but adults too Mr Larner claims, and says those ‘who really should know better’, have been seen trying to use the equipment and ‘allowing their dogs to foul’ in the area.

“We inspect the playground every day and sometimes my staff have to clear the most disgusting things left where the children play,” He added.

The police will be reviewing the footage from recent events gained via CCTV.

Skegness Town Council is appealing to the public to help it crack down on this problem by reporting any incidents they see to the police.

Councillors will discuss the issue at a Business and Resources Committee on Wednesday.

To report an incident to the police call 101.