US petition calls for Lincolnshire man to have his own TV show following Oak Island success

Fans in the US and Canada are calling for TV metal detection expert Gary Drayton to have his own show.
Fans in the US and Canada are calling for TV metal detection expert Gary Drayton to have his own show.

A successful TV treasure hunter from Lincolnshire could have his own TV show - if his fans across the pond have their way.

Metal detection expert Gary Drayton, who was educated in Spilsby and later lived in Boston, is a regular team member on the History Channel’s popular Curse of Oak Island series.

Now a petition has been set up calling for the network to give Gary his own series, stating he is the real reason why people watch the show. It has already garnered over 2,000 signatures - and several monetary donations.

Now in its sixth season, the Curse of Oak Island follows the current multi-million pound effort to solve the mystery of a 230 year-old treasure hunt on the small island, situated off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Gary has played a pivotal role in helping to uncover clues to the mystery - having pinpointed several artefacts on the island which threaten to re-write the history of the Americas. And with his Lincolnshire accent, humorous quips and catchphrases - it’s not hard to see how the father-of-two has won a legion of followers in the US and Canada.

Now one fan has set up a petition on calling for the History Channel to grant Gary his own show.

Mike Hitchcock, of California, writes on his petition: “Come on History Channel - you know he is why we really watch Curse of Oak Island.

“There are tons of treasure scattered around North America! I want to see Metal Detection Expert Gary Drayton find all of it! The show can be called ‘Gary Drayton -Metal Detection Expert’.”

One supporter commented on the petition site: “My family loves watching Gary - he is actually the highlight of the show!”.

Gary told the Standard he ‘agrees 100%’ that his metal-detecting adventures would make a good show, and shared the petition with his 14,700 followers on Facebook.

He has previously appeared on episodes of Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown - and the History Channel’s Curse of Civil War Gold.

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