Urgent Age UK appeal

AN URGENT request for unwanted items has been made to help refill the empty shelves at Age UK’s Skegness charity shop.

Donations to the store on Lumley Road have plummeted in recent months whereas demand from shoppers has risen, resulting in declining stock levels,

Shop manager Linda Betts has made an urgent appeal for clothes, cookware and books, to enable the charity to continue its vital fund raising work. She said: “Our store room is usually piled high, but now it’s almost empty. Although this is a good thing as it means we have sold what we had, we cannot cope with the increasing demand if nothing else comes in; we simply can’t sell fresh air!

“Without continued donations of everything from clothing to cookware, Age UK cannot continue its vital work to help improve the lives of older people across the country.”

The store usually has around 250 new items on display each day but declining stock has reduced this to approximately 150. To make a donation visit the store or contact Linda on 01754 610517