Upset over closed Fairy Dell in Skegness - but it will open at end of May say council

The Fairy Dell in Skegness will open at the end of ANL-180705-121446001
The Fairy Dell in Skegness will open at the end of ANL-180705-121446001

As the country bakes in what is expected to be the hottest Bank Holiday in 40 years, upset has been expressed that the popular Fairy Dell paddling pool has not been opened.

Among those who took to social media to have a moan was ‎Kevin Kaye‎, who said: “For over a week the weather forecasters have being predicting record breaking temperatures for an early May Bank Holiday weekend. Yet the local authority have failed to fill and open Fairy Dell.

“It’s a shame one of the jewels in Skegness’s crown hasn’t been allowed to sparkle.”

Tim Bristoltimuk commented: “ELDC appear to be totally incapable of any forward planning.

“There was no planning for additional car parking spaces, hardly any litter bins on the seafront, sea front lights not working. they are a total disgrace, Skegness needs a switched on foreshore manager to forward plan.”

However, many pointed out that traditionally the popular attraction did not open until the end of May.

Lucy Moss said: “Problem is that while there may be a week of good weather, it might be rubbish the rest of the time. They open end of may cause there’s more chance of being good weather.”

Aly Sumner added: “They can’t predict the weather. Having spent my childhood living directly opposite the Fairy dell, I can tell everyone, that it does not open until the end of May. Ever since I can remember, at the beginning of May, maintenance starts on it. Painting, repairs etc.

“Everyone moaning about one FREE amenity needs to get a grip. We have mile upon mile of beach and sea...FREE! If you’re not happy with that, buy a paddling pool and stay at home.”

James Gilbert, ELDC Growth and Promotions Service Manager, confirmed the Fairy Dell would open at the end of May. He said: “It’s not as easy as knowing the weather is going to be good a week before and deciding to open early. It needs proper planning.”