UPDATED - Injuries after Skegness amusement ride ‘collapses’

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EMERGENCY services are attending Bottons amusement park in Skegness after a ride ‘collapsed’ at around 3.15pm today (Tuesday, August 30).

A full-scale emergency response was initially reported, with convoys of emergency vehicles witnessed rushing towards Skegness, amid fears that the collapse might be total.

However these fears have now lessened, amid reports that the collapse of the ride was only partial and that there are no fatalities.

Dozens of people were onboard the ride at the time of the accident.

Police have confirmed that there are a number of “back and neck” injuries, understood to have been caused when a passenger gondola struck the ground.

A police spokesperson said: “The call came in at 3.15pm. As far as we are aware at this early stage there has been an incident involving one of the rides - believed to be the Surf Rider.

“There does appear to be no serious casualties and certainly, as far as we are aware, there are no fatalities.

“We don’t yet know what happened to the ride but currently the situation is that the riders are being evacuated and they are suffering from shock and minor bruises.

“The Health and Safety Executive have been informed.”

Writing on the Standard’s Facebook page, one witness said: “It’s collapsed on one side. The ride was full. Two air ambulances, eight ambulances and fire engines are there.

“They’re hanging from the other side.”

It is still unclear what caused the incident.

But it has been suggested that the ride has undergone recent maintenance work.

Writing on the Standard’s Facebook page, Gemma Adams, said: “The ride was being worked on this morning as well. My mum and daughter were down there and it was all closed off.”

Several witnesses at the scene have also described seeing maintenance work in recent days.

The Surf Rider is one of the main rides at the amusement park and is visible across the seafront when in operation. It features a large ‘beam’, which rotates around a central point, and two passenger gondolas - one at either end.

During the operation of the ride these gondolas always remain horizontal in relation to the ground.

However, it is understood that one of these gondolas tilted while the ride was operating and struck the ground.

- More information as it comes in.