UPDATED: Holiday maker’s arm stuck in arcade machine after trying to retrieve ‘stuck prize’

The fire affected around 70 tonnes of hay
The fire affected around 70 tonnes of hay

A holiday-maker became stuck in an arcade machine after reaching into a 2p machine at an arcade to retrieve a prize she thought had become stuck in Ingoldmells this morning (Thursday).

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue this morning tweeted that a crew from Skegness used small tools to release the female from the 2p coin pusher machine.

A spokesman for the service told The Standard the incident was called in at 00.49am at Butlins’ Funcoast World, on Roman Bank, in Ingoldmells.

The person who originally called in the incident thought the woman had broken her arm, but once released she was checked over and that was found not to be the case.

The spokesman said she could move her fingers and arms

The ambulance service was called, however, a spokesman said a vehicle was not needed in the end was not needed and the patient was advised by a clinical team over the phone.

A Butlin’s spokesman said: “At 12.30am on Thursday we were told a guest had trapped her arm in an arcade machine trying to retrieve a prize she thought had become stuck.

“We called the Fire Brigade who attended and freed her. It took less than 60 minutes from us being told of the problem to the guest being freed, and she was not injured.

“We have also checked with her again today and she is enjoying the remainder of her break.”

The Fire and Rescue spokesman originally said the woman was stuck for about one hour and 20 minutes until crews freed her.