UPDATE SUNDAY 5.45PM: Sewer burst floods road and driveways in Skegness

Anglian Water news.
Anglian Water news.

A road and driveways in Skegness were flooded earlier today when a “pumped sewer” burst, water officials have confirmed.

Fire crews and engineers from Anglian Water were called to Elder Close, near Southview Leisure Park, which had to be cordoned off so that the water could be cleared up.

A spokesman from Anglian Water said: “Unfortunately, a burst to a pumped sewer on Sunday morning caused flooding to the road and some driveways in Elder Close.

“All of the escaped water has already been removed and we have cleaned up the area affected as a priority.

“Our team will be out first thing tomorrow to carry out the repair and, in the meantime, we are using tankers to remove sewage and bypass the affected section of pipe.

“We are very sorry to those customers affected and would like to apologise in advance for any disruption caused by the tankers.

“We will complete the repair as swiftly as possible and keep customers updated throughout.”

SUNDAY 4.55PM: Street closed off due to burst water main in Skegness

A street near Southview Leisure Park in Skegness had to be cordoned off because of flooding after a water main burst today.

Firefighters were called to Elder Close, off Lincoln Road, Skegness, where flooding was reported shortly before 11.15am.

Anglian Water engineers also attended the scene and a spokesman said: “Any damage to property would be compensated for by Anglian Water and we would treat this as a priority.