Train delays due to vandalism at Sleaford

Rail transport news.
Rail transport news.

Trains between Lincoln Central and Peterborough and trains between Nottingham and Skegness have been disrupted this morning after thieves stole 1,300m of signalling cable from the line at Sleaford.

The major theft happened overnight and because of this, the following changes will apply until approximately midday.

Buses are replacing trains between Sleaford and Lincoln Central, while trains between Nottingham and Skegness are being delayed by up to 15 minutes.

Journey times are being extended by up to 30 minutes.

Passengers may use East Coast services between Doncaster and Peterborough in the mean time and stations in between. There was no estimated time when the signalling would be up and running again.

The level cross on the A153 at Greylees has also been affected by the theft and is closed at present.

A Network Rail spokeswoman said: “Around 1,300 metres of cable has been stolen from the railway near Sleaford overnight.

“This theft has affected the signalling in the area and as a result we have had to reduce services. We are working hard to replace the missing cable but it will be some time before services are back to normal and passengers are advised to check with their operator before they travel.

“Cable theft causes thousands of minutes of delay to passengers every year and costs the industry millions of pounds. The cost of an incident such as the one in Sleaford will be far more than the scrap value of the missing cable.”

Twitter hashtag: #Sleaford for more information or to find out whether this will impact your journey and to get alternative options planned for you, use the National Rail Enquiries real-time Journey Planner, or call TrainTracker on 0871 200 49 50.