Traffic warden concerns in town

A COUNCILLOR has raised his concerns over parking problems in the town and the lack of a traffic warden.

Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke submitted a question to Lincolnshire police to help address the issue as at present the police have parking enforcement powers.

Coun Hunter-Clarke who wrote: “I have had many residents come to me with their concerns of there being no traffic wardens in Skegness.

“A result being that many people are getting away with parking anyway for as long as they like.

“I am aware that Police Community Support Officer have the power to issue parking tickets, but how high is this on their list of priorities? Do you think we need to reinstate having a traffic warden in this town?”

The issue was answered by Inspector Terry Ball in a written response to the Skegness Town Council as he couldn’t be present at the last full council meeting.

Insp Ball responded: “Demands within the Skegness area fluctuate based on the transient nature of its population. It does however provide its problems that align with the increased numbers of people who by necessity have to use vehicles to get around the various sites of interest.

“The issue of traffic wardens is as you all are aware an issue that is being discussed at the highest levels. You are correct when you identify that PCSO have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

“My direction to staff is that whenever possible we follow the process of information, education, engagement then enforcement.

“This is balanced against competing demands of limited resources, so primarily will be a response to specific requests from Neighbourhood Panels, identified as safety issues by my staff or from compilation of complaints.”

Despite problems arising in town, Insp Ball felt that a ‘dedicated’ traffic warden in the area would be ‘invaluable’, however discussion would still be continued as to where one may come from.

Insp Ball continued: “Now the season has quietened down I have set a specific direction to my staff to put in place a sensitive though positive stance on parking enforcement, and as you can see below in my Sergeant’s briefing, this is being actioned in areas of need. I aim to put in place an ethic that parking enforcement whilst not core business, should be business as usual when not otherwise engaged.”

However, Coun Hunter-Clarke said he felt ‘there was little or no enforcement’ in town and the response was ‘not satisfactory’.

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