Traffic consultation complaints

A CONSULTATION on traffic flow alterations intended to rejuvenate Lumley Road, Skegness, has been mishandled by Lincolnshire County Council, the scheme’s originators claim.

Members of the traffic flow working group led by Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce believe their main aspirations for the scheme have been ignored in the county council’s consultation.

Speaking at a chamber meeting last Monday, chairman Glenis Brown said: “I feel we’ve been very badly served by Highways.’

Mrs Brown’s initial proposal was for the total pedestrianisation of Lumley Road to support local businesses by creating a more attractive retail environment for shoppers.

LCC’s consultation letter sent to locally affected businesses and residents contains three traffic alteration options - none of which are for complete pedestrianisation.

An LCC investigation into the viability of pedestrianisation plans deemed it would put too much strain on alternative traffic routes.

However Mrs Brown believes the report missed out a number of important factors, which if included would have mitigated many of the perceived problems with total pedestrianisation.

She feels disappointed that her input could not have been included in the report before the consultation was rolled out for public consideration and has also expressed concerns about the lack of consultation with other authorities including the town and district councils.

Mrs Brown and town centre manager Stefan Krause would both prefer to see an option for complete pedestrianisation considered, as anecdotal evidence from shop-keepers indicated that businesses improved along the road when a burst water main closed it to traffic.

Out of the options included in the consultation, however, Mrs Brown favours options that will create a bus stop on the corner of Lumley Avenue as she believes this will improve footfall on the less busy western end of the street.

Public consultation ends on March 2 before which time Mrs Brown intends to host another meeting of the traffic flow group.