Town Council and Conservatives back Skegness ‘Western Economic Corridor’ bypass plan

General News.
General News.

Town councillors have shown their initial support for the ambitious proposal to build an ‘economic corridor’ through the outskirts of Skegness.

If the go-ahead is given, it could create hundreds of jobs and a range of exciting business developments.

Councillor Steve Kirk, who was involved with prior discussions and was present at last Wednesday’s full Skegness Town Council meeting, said Lincolnshire County Council had finally ‘woken up to the idea”.

The proposal was put forward by landowner Roy Sanderson’s ‘Vision for Skegness’ which develops the long held aspiration to create a congestion-easing relief road with a raft of new investment opportunities.

It is hoped the scheme will bring real benefits, reduce traffic in residential areas and ease congestion on Roman Bank.

The corridor would include sites for a cinema, leisure centre and hotel, creating an estimated 1,500 jobs.

Coun Mark Anderson said he fully supported the economic relief road as did Coun Sid Dennis but Coun Danny Brookes was worried that it would take business away from Roman Bank.

Meanwhile the Skegness Conservative branch has also supported the proposals but fears plans to build an electric compound and cabling associated with the Triton Knoll offshore windfarm might jeopardise the scheme.

Chairman John Cowpe said: “The corridor could bring thousands of jobs to Skegness – many of them of an all-year-round nature which the town so badly needs.

“A relief road – initially linking the A52 with the A158 – could ease the traffic congestion which the town suffers and take many heavy goods vehicles out of the town centre and the Lincoln Road, Queens Road and Wainfleet Road areas.”

“The whole concept, though, would be put at risk by the proposed electricity compound.”

“This would not only be a blot on the landscape to greet tourists into the town but could also put a blight on the relief road and the commercial development,” said Mr Cowpe.

“Skegness Conservative Branch is fully behind the objections made against the compound by the town council and Lincolnshire County Council.”

*It should be noted that those members of East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee who are also members of Skegness Conservative Branch left the room and took no part in the voting at the meeting where the branch decided to support the Western Economic Corridor and to oppose the electricity compound,” he added.