Sunday train service woes

Passengers boarding the first service of the day last Sunday.
Passengers boarding the first service of the day last Sunday.

Passengers visiting Skegness have complained after they were left waiting out in the cold on a Sunday when the first 2.10pm train out of town was unable to fulfil demand.

Huge queues formed eagerly awaiting the next available service but passengers were told ‘alternative arrangements should be made’ as the volume of people waiting wouldn’t be able to board the train on Sunday (October 28).

Passenger Steven Lindsay of Romford, said: “A customer service officer in attendance called his superiors to advise that alternative travel should be made. There was no way this number of people would fit into the two carriages expected to arrive.”

Many ticket-holders, including Steven’s eight-month pregnant wife, were left waiting in the cold feeling ‘abandoned’ with no guarantee they would be able to board the next train.

The business and tourism industry fear limited transport service may hinder visitors wanting to come to the town.

Chairman of SECWHA, George Facey said: “It’s an ongoing issue and I think East Midlands Trains think the season ends in September, it’s important visitors want to still come to Skegness during the winter.”

An East Midlands Trains spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear of the problems some passengers encountered. Autumn and winter months are traditionally a quieter time. We do continue to monitor demand and will look to provide extra capacity wherever possible.”

The 2.10pm service on Sunday (November 4) operated as a three-carriage train due to half-term demand and EMT said it will continue to ‘review numbers to determine whether any additional strengthening is needed in the future.’