Streets a ‘race track’ warns worried council

CONCERNS have been raised about drivers speeding through the town centre and using parts of it like a ‘race track’.

The issue was raised by Coun Neil Cooper at the full meeting of Skegness Town Council last Wednesday, after he submitted his thoughts on the matter to Lincolnshire Police.

His letter to the police said: “When I was a young man, I can remember a tragic fatal accident when a man was killed whilst riding his bicycle in Skegness by the driver of a vehicle which constantly cruised the town.

“Some 25 years later we still have cars travelling at excessive speeds and riding up and down, mainly along Lumley Road and the Foreshore.

“What do you intend to do to control the speeds of these vehicles before we have another accident?”

The question was addressed in a written response by Inspector Terry Ball, who couldn’t be present at the meeting.

Insp Ball said there had been 11 slight accidents that occurred on the main section of Lumley Road from the Beresford Avenue end during the preceding five-year period.

At the clock tower end to Beresford Avenue there were another four, then on the Foreshore road either side of the clock tower there were another four in total.

He said that, of the 19 collisions over the last five years, none were attributed to speeding vehicles.

Insp Ball also spoke about the speed limit along Lumley Road and said he didn’t think that vehicles travelled at a speed in which prosecution would be an appropriate course of action, meaning they didn’t sufficiently exceed the 30mph limit. But he did say that some cars still travel too fast for the conditions.

He then commented about issues concerning a reduction in the 30mph limit and said that it would be a matter for Lincolnshire County Council Highways and that they could perhaps look at a pedestrian area with 20mph zoning.

Coun Neil Cooper felt the response was inadequate and said that ‘cars were flying from up there to town’. He felt more questions should be submitted for the next meeting.

Coun Steve O’Dare added that Lumley Road, the clock tower and the seafront car park routes were being used more like a ‘race track’ and added that he’d seen two or three cars doing hand-break turns/

Coun O’Dare said the inspector’s answer didn’t reflect what was happening in the town centre.

l What do you think? Are the roads of Skegness being used as a ‘race track’?

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