Speeding fears dispelled by police checks on Lumley Road

CONCERNS that ‘boy racers’ have been treating roads in Skegness town centre like a ‘race track’ have been dispelled by police checks.

Following a complaint regarding speeding from Coun Neil Cooper, Inspector Terry Ball instructed officers to carry out speed checks on cars travelling along Lumley Road and Grand Parade.

Reporting his findings to Skegness Town Council at its latest meeting on Wednesday, Inspector Ball, said: “Over the past 10 days the team have conducted evening speed checks of 240 vehicles and only four of those were found to be over 30mph.”

He believes the vehicles give the impression of speeding by revving their engines and driving off in a low gear to make lots of noise.

To combat this anti-social practice officers have issued Section 59 warnings and carried out vehicle seizures on drivers who contravene the Road Traffic Act by causing distress or annoyance to the public.

Inspector Ball explained: “Any vehicles that’s speeding or revving up, we can issue them with a notice and seize their vehicle.

“We’ve issued them to 40 vehicles, most of them at the Festival Car Park.”

Other speed checks around Beacon Park, Skegness, did reveal higher numbers of vehicles speeding and so Inspector Ball’s officers will be carrying out increased checks in that area.

Councillors were also concerned about the lack of parking enforcement in the town.

Coun Ken Milner said: “People are taking the mick with parking because they know that there are no parking officers.”

Inspector Ball explained that with limited resources parking enforcement was not the highest priority but felt that a dedicated traffic warden would be a ‘priceless’ asset.