Snow chaos sparks road gritting anger

The heart of Spilsby on Sunday morning. Photo by Kirk Bolam.
The heart of Spilsby on Sunday morning. Photo by Kirk Bolam.

RESIDENTS, motorists and parents have hit out at the county council’s gritting response after the weekend’s blizzard conditions left many roads virtually impassable.

Snow drifts up to four or five feet deep left many rural homes cut off for a time.

Major routes were not immune either, with snow blown off fields leaving the likes of the A52 between Skegness and Boston treacherous for motorists.

The snow was followed by more freezing weather, with the mercury forecast to fall to between -5 and -10 in the coming days.

And the county council’s response to the icy weather has led to criticism from some quarters.

Commenting on the Standard’s Facebook page some readers expressed their frustration that roads and paths near schools did not appear to have been treated, and that rural areas remained treacherous too.

Gina Foster said: “They have not gritted near the schools.

“Even cars were getting stuck yesterday so there’s not much chance of other side roads getting done.

“I know they need to keep the main roads clear but we also need to get our children to school safe.”

Andrea Pringle added: “The Skegness town bus service was stopped going round Lyndurst Avenue because of the snow.

“Why was it not cleared? The older people down that way could not get into town - no means of transport, no supplies in and their only lifeline, a bus to the supermarket, is taken away. It stinks.”

Other readers, however, have backed the council’s response, arguing that the severity of the storm, and the size of the county made it impossible for the council to keep on top of the Siberian deep-freeze.

Ryan King said: “I really can’t believe how many people are moaning!

“How often do we get as much snow as that and how can we be prepared for it?

“Sorry, but you can’t expect the council to clear every road and every inch of path, it is just not possible.

“We should just accept that it was a lot of snow and for a few days it is going to be a bit more difficult to get round. Give yourself longer to get places and take your time and you should be fine,” he added.

Lincolnshire County Council, meanwhile, said that the feedback it had received from its Gritter Twitter service had been largely positive.

Area Highways Manager, Andy Ratcliffe, said: “We were well prepared for the snow at the weekend and fortunately didn’t have any problems.

“Our gritters did a fantastic job as always, helping to keep people moving on the county’s roads.

“They were out round the clock gritting and ploughing.

“Although we’re not able to routinely salt the footpaths as well, we did salt some in Skegness town centre and Wainfleet around the main shopping areas.

“As a priority we salt the A and B roads to help protect as many people as possible.

“We also salt to within 500 metres of every school. You can keep up to date by checking out our new Gritter Twitter LincsCC_winter which is proving extremely popular.”

“If you have a question about gritting, see online at,” they added.