School parking chaos ‘needs to be tackled’

Cars parked in Cavendish Road.
Cars parked in Cavendish Road.

A resident is calling for someone to take ‘responsibility’ for parking enforcement surrounding two Skegness schools or a child could be ‘killed’ they fear.

Increased traffic and inconsiderate parking in and around Cavendish Road, is blighting nearby residents’ lives as some motorists are thought to be arriving up to an hour early to collect children and are encroaching on their privacy.

One resident whose space outside their home is crucial and severely hinders their lives once blocked, contacted the police to try and tackle the issue but have been ‘shocked’ with their lacklustre response.

“I have been totally shocked by their poor excuses. Since before the summer break, we have witnessed countless children, that have just run out into the road. It isn’t just the ignorance of the parents double parking, but ignorant drivers that go zooming at such speed,” said a resident not wishing to be named.

Despite bringing the matter to Skegness Infant Academy twice, the resident claims the school stress it is outside the gates and isn’t ‘their concern’.

“We have not ignored this issue and have looked into ways to help,” said headteacher, Sue Roy. “Parents can use our Park and Stride and park at the Ship or Morrisons. The bottom line, is the safety of the children and pedestrians. Motorists need to be thoughtful about parking.”