Road pedestrianisation plans move a step closer

PEDESTRIANISATION plans for Lumley Road could be trialled as early as October if traffic modelling exercises determining its viability prove successful.

The suggestion was first raised by Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce as a means to enhance the town’s retail vitality.

Chamber of Commerce chairman Glenis Brown said: “The first thing that got us going on this matter was when we lost Marks and Spencer and recognised that the road needs rejuvenating because if we are not careful it will die altogether.

“We felt that if we pedestrianise the area, holidaymakers would like it and we could make the road more event orientated.

“We think that it’s the best way forward and would make Lumley Road a bit more exciting for people who visit.”

The chamber’s proposal is for a temporary traffic ban for the stretch of road between Lumley Square and Beresford Avenue, which could in turn alleviate some of the problems affecting the gyratory system connecting with Roman Bank.

The suggestion has since been discussed with Lincolnshire County Council highways department which has been looking into traffic implications of this scheme and variants of it.

Senior highways officer Ian Mickleburgh said: “These ideas will now be discussed with the town council and chamber before a computer modelling exercise will determine whether any are viable and what implications of certain traffic restrictions would be for other routes.

“The detailed results will then be discussed to decide if any trials can then begin on the road.

“We could therefore be in a position to start such trials by the end of the summer, if deemed appropriate.”