Residents fight to save seafront access


A meeting has been called by a Winthorpe resident who hopes to help save access ‘rights’ to the beach via a housing estate’s private road.

Residents of Seathorne Crescent have been invited to rally together to discuss the way forward regarding a private road which has been partially blocked by fencing, preventing access to the beach via that route.

One resident, Lawrence Rich, finds the latest addition of the fence not only an ‘irritant’ but now says it is ‘impassible’ for even something as wide as a ‘push chair’.

“It’s a private road and local residents use it as a way through to the beach; it’s a good short cut,” he said.

Mr Rich was also a former Seathorne Crescent residents’ member five years ago when a similar incident occurred, again blocking access down the private road.

“It’s a private road in the deeds from 1924. It has gradually got narrower and narrower since then,” he added.

“You could still push through but a resident has put up a fence at the Winthorpe Road end,” he explained.

Five years ago, another resident put up a fence and Mr Rich claims the residents’ fought to ask they take it down, which eventually happened.

“The problem is, it’s a private road, meaning the county council are not bothered and East Lindsey District Council say it’s the county council’s issue,” said Mr Rich.

Now Mr Rich has rejoined the group and set up a meeting at the Seathorne Arms pub on Monday, October 28 at 7pm to discuss the issue.

Mr Rich feels the access is important to the area and according to the deeds he says it must be kept as such.

“About 30 years ago you could drive a car through it so that’s how much the houses have encroached either side over the years,” he added.

Mr Rich has invited Winthorpe ward councillor Carl Macey to the meeting, who said: “I am working closely with Mr Rich and the residents to try and resolve this issue so they can continue to have the access they are entitled to via this walkway.”