Police warn farmers to ‘clean up your mud’ amid complaints over A52 conditions

TVP tape
TVP tape

Lincolnshire Police has urged farmers to clean up mud their vehicles drag onto the road, following reports of “hazardous” driving conditions on some routes.

Ice, rain and fog often worsen the problems caused by mud on the roads.

Local social media pages - including the Standard’s Facebook page - are awash with complaints about the mud, with the Boston to Skegness A52 coming in for particular criticism.

Posting on the Standard’s Facebook page just last week, Miles Hedison said: “The A52 is a horrible road made worse by the high amount of agricultural vehicles with muddy wheels.

“I have heard of people sliding in the mud in their cars on the roads, although the farmers do their best to sweep the roads.

“I saw a tractor with a sweeping implement today and it seemed to have no impact at all on the roads and left the same trail of mud on the road surface.

“I much prefer the A158 to the A52 - big changes are necessary before more accidents occur.”

Also writing on the Standard’s Facebook page, Joanna Martin Stokes, said; “The mud [on the A52] was a joke. You could not see the white lines on the road.

“It is a dangerous road without mud. The farm companies should be on the ball with cleaning this road!”

These, and other complaints from across the county, have prompted the police plea.

The force has urged farmers to do all they can to clear up after themselves.

A police spokesperson said: “We are receiving reports that drivers are experiencing hazardous driving conditions relating to mud on the roads across Lincolnshire.

“Could we ask farmers to ensure that, as a minimum, while work is ongoing around your farms, that signs are placed on the roadside to alert drivers of any potential driving hazards relating to mud on the road.

“Ideally roads should be cleared at the end of each working day where possible.

“Thank you for your assistance in this matter,” they added.