Police warn drivers to ‘raise your game’ amid fog patches in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Lincolnshire Police has urged motorists in the county to ‘raise your game’ after foggy conditions sparked a number of accidents this morning (Monday).

The fog is reported to have been particularly bad in the west of the county near the A1, but fog patches have been reported in the local area too.

“We have reports of poor driving conditions in the county due to patchy fog,” said a spokesperson.

“Please remind drivers to take great care and drive according to the conditions. Put your headlights on where necessary to make sure you can be seen.

“Drivers raise your game! Pay extra attention, take extra time and increase your concentration.

“It’s December now so these conditions will become more frequent. A little extra care will keep you and other road users safe,” they added.