Plans to solve ongoing school traffic dangers

Highways alterations have been proposed to resolve long-running traffic concerns near two Skegness schools.

Lincolnshire County Council has proposed a number of ‘traffic calming measures’ and the creation of more on-street parking along Cavendish Road, to improve safety and reduce congestion.

The proposals, which will go out to consultation, follow a series of complaints raised by the road’s residents, who fear that dangerous driving by parents collecting their children from Skegness Infant and Junior academies will cause a serious accident. They have also complained about difficulties accessing and leaving their homes during peak hours.

Gail Sanders, who lives on the road with her husband and three children, says it has been a ‘very, very bad’ situation ever since she moved in two years ago.

“The kids are going to be seriously injured unless something changes,” she said.

Gail also says that during the worst times, she has been unable to receive vital medical deliveries as the driver could not park up. And her husband has also been late for work on a number of occasions because he has been trapped in traffic.

Following a meeting held between residents, senior highways officers and the Labour Party’s branch chairman, a number of potential solutions involving the creation of more on-street parking, the introduction of traffic calming road bumps and a review of the parking restrictions have been proposed.