Petition over travel problems launched

A STUDENT about to finish her education in Spilsby has launched a petition against the lack of evening bus services, which she fears will hinder her job prospects.

Following cuts to Stagecoach’s number six evening bus service from Skegness, the King Edward VI Humanities College Student wrote a letter to Spilsby Town Council asking for its support on the issue,

Summarising the letter at Spilsby’s annual Town Meeting on Thursday, town clerk Sara Marshall said: “There are no jobs here in Spilsby so she is looking to go to Skegness but cut backs mean there are no buses coming back later than 7pm, which for a young adult looking to get a summer job is not reasonable.”

Coun Julia Pears agreed with the student and feared the problem was not confined to young people alone.

She said: “I think that a lot of people of all ages find it difficult with the bus services, we’ve heard this year after year, so I completely agree with her.”

Coun Pears suggested the council inform the student about a scheme providing free mopeds to those required to travel to work.