Pavement mounting concerns

TAKEAWAY delivery vehicles which ‘shoot across the pavement’ in Skegness are a danger to pedestrians, said concerned visitors to the town.

A grandmother asked councillors how they intended to resolve the problem at Skegness’s Annual Town Meeting last Wednesday.

She said: “I walked around the corner with my granddaughter and was nearly hit by one of these cars, what’s to stop everyone else doing the same?”

The woman’s complaint was reiterated by a number of other meeting attendees who felt it was ‘incredible that nothing had been done’ about the practice which they felt had degraded the pavement into a ‘terrible condition’.

Coun Mark Smith who sits on the town and county councils said he was ‘amazed’ to have seen the regular occurrence which is said to take place at the junction between Roman Bank and Castleton Boulevard, outside Efess and Mamma Mia.

Although he claimed Lincolnshire County Council was looking at putting a plan in place, he conceded it had been a slow process.

Whereas the footpath is county council owned, the paving nearest the takeaway shops belongs to the premises and is therefore difficult to enforce, he explained.

Coun Smith also felt that parking enforcement had ceased to be a priority after it became a civil matter, but hoped that would improve when LCC took over the responsibility later this year,