Parking crackdown meets mixed response

A car-parking clampdown near three Skegness schools has enraged residents who claim to have been unfairly targeted while parents collecting children were let off.

Lincolnshire County Council’s traffic wardens were seen issuing tickets to cars parked along Cavendish Road on Friday - the first week after it began parking enforcement.

Resident Paul Sanders, who was one of those stung with a £70 fine, said it was ‘unbelievable’ that residents had been targeted, while parents collecting children, who he claims are the main cause of the road’s traffic problems, had been let off with just a warning. He said: “I’m livid. We’re being made to pay while the parents are getting away with it - this isn’t making the traffic problem any better, it’s making it worse.”

Mr Sanders and a number of other residents who commented on the Standard’s Facebook page, believe it unfair to issue residents with tickets if there is nowhere else for them to park.

Sean Kitchen said: “I think if the council are going to fine us for parking where we live, then they should provide a car park.”

Others claim there were no warning notices issued to them during the ‘grace period’ before proper enforcement began and were therefore unaware they were likely to be fined, having parked there with no repercussions for years previously.

Cavendish Road and the nearby streets leading to Skegness Infant Academy, Skegness Junior Academy and Skegness Grammar School have been a cause for concern among residents and parents who fear a child could be injured due to the parking situation.

Many of these concerned individuals have welcomed enforcement action being taken and hope it will improve safety for the pupils.

Claire Weeks, commenting on Facebook said: “About time tickets are issued to those who ignore the zig zag lines and double yellow lines along that road.”

LCC’s parking services manager Mick Phoenix said the council had received ‘overwhelming support’ for its approach to improving pedestrian safety for children. He also said that any motorists parking there had always been in contravention but the difference outside schools, he explained, was that officers could warn parents before they parked.