‘Nothing being done’ about parking, claim

CONCERNS over cars parking illegally on grass verges in Skegness were raised by a town councillor at a recent planning meeting.

St Clements ward councillor Mark Anderson raised the issue with parking along Lincoln Road at the end of a Planning & Planning Policy meeting, where he suggested that nothing seemed to be getting done about the ongoing problem.

Although councillors at the committee meeting didn’t wish to speak fully about issue as it wasn’t an agenda item, Coun George Saxon said: “It was an ongoing problem getting worse.”

Speaking after the meeting, Coun Anderson highlighted that the problem was the worst near Church Road North opposite the Highwayman pub and cars were parking right next to the pedestrian crossing.

“I don’t see why Highways couldn’t create lay-bys all the way down Lincoln Road to relieve the problem but the county council won’t spend money on that,” said Coun Anderson.

However, Projects Manager, Graeme Butler for Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Vehicles parked on the verges here do not cause us a great problem.

“Motorists take the risk of possible police enforcement if they park on verges where yellow lines are in place on the road.

“Those who park on the verge are likely to be residents, so if they didn’t park there, they would park on the road, which would cause more of a problem.

“We wouldn’t want to impose any additional traffic restrictions on Lincoln Road for this reason.

“There is an option for the district or town council to pursue a bye-law to prohibit parking on the verges here.”

Coun Anderson said he was ‘gobsmacked’ by the county council’s response and said he hoped to raise the issue at another Skegness Town Council meeting as he thinks there is an issue with parking in that area.

“There is an issue and it’s about finding the balance with parking and residents,” added Coun Anderson.

Coun Anderson also highlighted that the roads and pathways in that area were wide enough and something should be done about it.

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