Motorists urged to take care after spate of recent accidents

A road safety warning has been issued followed a spate of recent accidents.
A road safety warning has been issued followed a spate of recent accidents.

A motorist who witnessed two ‘horrific’ road accidents along the coast in close succession has urged drivers to take more care.

Ingoldmells resident Geoff Poulter was left shaken and upset when he saw a young girl injured in Anderby on Tuesday - just two days after he had seen a motorcyclist hurled from his bike in Skegness.

“It really shook me up and upset me quite a bit,” said Geoff.

The Skegness Hospital Watch member says the first accident involving a car and motorbike on Roman Bank, Skegness, at around 8.15am on Sunday was like ‘something out of a stunt film’,

“It was really horrific - I couldn’t believe what was happening,” he said

“I saw this body come swirling towards me through the air I’d never seen anything like it, you had to see it to believe it.”

Geoff went to the biker’s aid, called his parents and waited with him until an ambulance took him to Boston Pilgrim, where he was later reported to be without serious injury.

The second crash involving three vehicles occurred yesterday morning at the entrance to a car boot sale in Anderby.

Geoff said he saw one car collide with another ‘knocking it back 10 or 15 foot’, dazing those involved.

“The lady in the car was staggering about and there was young girl who looked hurt,” he said.

“People were walking about in a daze.”

The girl was taken to hospital by air ambulance but police say this was just a ‘precautionary measure’ and she was later reported to have suffered no serious injuries.

Following these shocking encounters, which were just two out of five road accidents to have occurred locally over recent days, Geoff has called on motorists - particularly holidaymakers - to be more cautious when driving.

“There are lots of people visiting Skegness, which we love to see, but it seems as though people are not paying enough attention,” he said.

“Ease off and let’s take care because these accidents are not only upsetting for the families involved but those who witness it.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has confirmed that the summertime often brings a surge in accidents due to the increased numbers of road users.

The partnership’s John Siddle has urged drivers to remain focused during this period and not be ‘lulled into summer mode’.

“When the weather is glorious and the temperature’s up, we don’t recognise the dangers out there and just go about our businesses confident that nothing will go wrong,” he said.

“But there are probably just as many dangers during the summer as there are during the snow and ice of winter, which motorists tend to be more cautious of.

“We need to keep constant attention to what we are doing all year round and not get lulled into summer mode.”

John has also warned motorists to keek an eye out for children during the summer holidays and also agricultural vehicles which increase in number around the harvest season.

The partnership has also been concerned by the sharp increase in motorcyclists injured or killed while trying to overtake a car while turning right.

“Overtaking at a junction is just pure madness,” he said.