Motorists’ fury at new traffic island

Burgh Taffic Road
Burgh Taffic Road

A NEW traffic island on Burgh Road has been slated by motorists for being so dangerously wide that it is an accident waiting to happen.

Lincolnshire County Council installed the Island to improve pedestrian safety following the recent development of a bus depot in that area.

Though motorists are understanding of the need to ensure pedestrians can cross the road safely, they have criticised the size of the island which they feel could result in a vehicle collision.

Bill Clayforth, in a letter to the Standard, wrote: “The width of the road seems way too narrow for such a wide crossing island and I feel that this could be an accident waiting to happen.”

Others writing to the Standard have called for the county council to put out road signs warning motorists of the changes in the layout.

And more letters have criticised those behind the ‘idiotic venture’ for ‘creating possibly the worst and most useless piece of road design this town has ever seen.’

Lincolnshire County Council highways department installed the island in order to satisfy planning conditions regarding the development of the site to mitigate its impacts on the highway network.

Senior project leader Jason Grace said: “We are aware of local concerns and are currently investigating.

“As with all islands, this one was designed in accordance with current standards and guidance.

“This type of island - a pedestrian refuge - has been installed to improve safety for pedestrians wishing to cross the A158 Burgh Road at this site.”

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