Motorist recounts rescuing woman trapped in toppled lorry near Skendleby

A motorist driving behind the lorry which upturned near Skendleby on Monday has told of the terrifying moment he saw the 44-tonne vehicle topple and the brave rescue that followed.

Chris Parr was out on a day-trip with his wife Fiona when the articulated grain lorry upturned on the A1028 shortly after 3.30pm, trapping its driver inside.

“I saw the lorry begin to topple, the wheels started lifting then all of a sudden the cab went over,” he said.

“It was almost like it was in slow motion - it was surreal.”

The lorry spilt its 42 load of grain across the road, while the driver, a 38-year-old Normamby-le-Wold woman, was left dangling in the cab.

“I ran down the bank, smashed the window and the woman was screaming inside,” said Chris.

“She was hanging on her side, being strangled by the seatbelt, I supported her for ages and ages and then managed to get her out.”

Initial reports suggested firefighters had been called to free the trapped woman but Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has since confirmed she was outside the cab when they arrived.

Despite the bravery of his actions, Chris says he is only trying to clarify the official account and doesn’t want praise for his actions.

“Anyone would have done the same,” he said.

The woman was taken to Boston Pilgrim with a suspected broken leg and has since thanked Chris for his bravery.

The road reopened at around 8.30pm after a farmer removed the grain.

Chris and Fiona were visiting Chris’s parents in Havenhouse from Burton on Trent, while they house-hunt in the local area.