Lumley Avenue traffic calming measure plans


A traffic calming measure at a busy Skegness junction is set to become permanent after the county council says it received positive feedback.

Plastic barriers have been put across Lumley Avenue into Lumley Road over the last 18 months.

Speculation had been circulating that there may not be the money to complete plans to make the block permanent until 2017 but Lincolnshire county council has allayed fears stating that first phase will be completed.

“It will be completed in the next couple of months...this is phase one of the project there,” said a spokesperson.

Skegness Town Council discussed the area at its full council meeting last Wednesday, talking about the plans for the traffic calming measure and the possibility of there being further parking created, a loading area and a taxi rank in Lumley Avenue.

A temporary bus stop was also created and installed in the area. It has been in operation since August last year.

The stop is part of a wider trial being conducted by the Highways team to improve the flow of traffic in the area.

The county council says the creation of the traffic bays and a possible taxi bay would decided as part of phase two for the area in the near future.

The county council is set to hold a series of meetings to discuss the future of the Lumley Road/Lumley Avenue junction.