Lukewarm response to traffic options

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TRAFFIC alteration options proposed to rejuvenate Lumley Road have been met with a luke-warm response from Skegness Town Council.

The four options presented in Lincolnshire County Council’s public consultation failed to impress many of the councillors present at Wednesday’s town council meeting.

Coun Neil Cooper said: “The options we’ve got don’t do anything to improve the current situation.”

He believed a more progressive solution to the traffic problem involving a bypass from the railway station to Burgh Road is required.

Skegness and District Chamber of Commerce’s aspiration in raising the proposal was also more radical than any of the final options agreed by LCC. Chamber chairman Glenis Brown wanted complete pedestrianisation of the road, to make a more appealing shopping environment and was disappointed that a traffic modelling exercise dismissed that plan due to the envisaged strains it would place on alternative routes.

She hoped LCC’s highways department could have been more forward thinking and has empathised with the councillors’ lack of enthusiasm with the alternative options.

“They are only echoing how my group feel - we were looking for an awful lot more than we’ve got - it’s just the best of a bad job,” she said.

“I feel the whole town were hoping for more but this is not the end, my feeling is that from little acorns mighty oak trees grow and so we will keep trying to grow an oak tree out of this.”

Coun Mark Smith, who sits on both the town and county councils and is a member of Mrs Brown’s traffic group, felt a more pragmatic approach was necessary.

“It’s not perfect but we don’t live in a perfect world,” he said.

He highlighted the vastly varying opinions raised by local shopkeepers, half of whom reportedly supported pedestrianisation while the others objected in favour of allowing their customers to park.

Given the diverging opinions on the subject he called for councillors to provide some positive feedback.

Option B, which prevents traffic exiting Lumley Avenue onto Lumley Road and creates a bus stop beside the junction, was felt to offer the most benefits.

Coun Mark Anderson who had discussed the issue with Stagecoach employee Coun Jim Carpenter believed the bus stop could help many elderly people who struggle to walk from one bus stop to the next.

Councillors agreed to support that option, despite their hopes for more extensive changes.