Kids boost road safety

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Children and ducks are two of the most effective methods of curbing the ‘horrendous’ problem of speeding in Ingoldmells, a police officer has said.

PC Tony Ryan told Ingoldmells AGM last week that a campaign led by primary school pupils, who asked offending motorists why they were speeding, had proved to be a ‘brilliant and impactive’ means of improving safety in the village.

“The people we gave it to just withered when they saw the questions,” he said.

Parish councillors also applauded the ingenuity shown by pupils at Ingoldmells Academy who asked such cutting questions as ‘what would you think if you killed me?’ as part of the scheme.

Despite the project’s powerful message, several councillors still felt many motorists were driving too fast through the village, skidding round corners, and barely stopping for traffic lights.

Coun Maureen Mier said: “You would think it’s Brands Hatch and it worries me with there being kids around.”

PC Ryan explained that one of the most effective though unexpected means of reducing motorists’ speeds was ducks crossing the road.

“Ducks slow them down, so let’s get more,” he joked.