Hogsthorpe gritting issue

A parish council is urging the county council to grit a major transport road due to potential dangers for its residents.

Hogsthorpe Parish Council wrote to Skegness Town Council to ask for its support in persuading the Lincolnshire county council to grit a key interconnect bus route as part of its essential service. In an email, Hogsthorpe Parish council said it felt it ‘illogical and without justification’ that gritting of the route stops in Chapel St Leonards, halfway along the road, missing out two miles and then re-commencing on the A52 in Hogsthorpe. They stated that the section that is ‘missed is a dangerous’ section.

Skegness Town Councillors were asked if it would support that the interconnect route should be gritted in its entirety. Councillors present at last Wednesday’s full council meeting voted to support Hogsthorpe Parish Council.

The parish council said it feared the route might become so bad that buses may have to stop running. They felt it affected many people and those who do not have cars. They also feared it would have an adverse effect on town businesses as people use the buses to visit Skegness, Mablethorpe, Louth and Alford.

A time of 15 minutes to complete the gritting has been assessed and it also understood that other towns had priorities but believed it to be the only route for some, meaning they had no alternatives.