Gritters ‘inundated’ with praise on Lincolnshire’s official Twitter accounts

A gritting depot during the height of the snows.
A gritting depot during the height of the snows.

Scores of people have paid tribute to Lincolnshire’s gritters for keeping the roads safe following several weeks of winter weather.

Lincolnshire County Council claims its ‘Gritter Twitter’ account (@LincsCC_Winter) has been inundated with tweets from residents, keen to express their gratitude.

Comments have included: “Excellent effort from all the Lincs Gritting Crews! Top marks and much praise from a thankful Lincolnshire driver :)”

“Thanks, you are doing a great job”

The Twitter account was updated by the authority throughout the snows, giving up-to-date information on blackspots and snow conditions throughout the icy blast.

The council also resorted to the occasional piece of humour to get their message out there - at one point doctoring a photo of a snowy road to show an Imperial AT-AT from the Star Wars universe alongside the message “our cameras show Lincs drivers today must beware black ice, frozen standing snow and an Imperial assault on the rebel base.”

Scuch tactics certainly helped to get the message out there - with the AT-AT tweet alone being retweeted roughly 500 times, and even getting sent by the official Star Wars Twitter feed to its 330,000 followers.

Councillor William Webb led the praise for the council’s fleet of 43 gritters, who have been making regular runs across the county, treating all major roads.

Councillor Webb, the executive councillor for Highways and Transportation, said: “Our gritting team has displayed great resilience and resolve over the last few weeks.

“Each year, we rely on them to keep the roads clear of snow and ice and each year they perform admirably. It’s a hard, dangerous job and we’d be lost without them.

“It’s great to see that the public have recognised their hard work. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude. On behalf of the county council and the people of Lincolnshire, thank you.”

Lincolnshire’s 43 gritters have, between them, salted 1,869 miles of road on each trip. Crews have also worked through the night, often doing back-to-back runs to make sure the roads were cleared.